About us

In order to meet the increasingly higher demands of the market and the consumers, we have on offer the best products. Happy and satisfied customer is a key value in the company's strategy and guarantee its development and achieving success.

Strict adherence to the regime of production, careful selection of raw materials for production are guaranteed to maintain a high level of quality.

Nova-trade has many regular customers, which include large trading companies, which have a chain of retail stores and wholesalers in the country and abroad. Biomass supply for power also national amounts approx. 3-5tys tons per month.

We have extensive experience in foreign trade and logistics mastered to perfection.

The company now plans to expand business by equipping the machine park and logistics. Throughout the years, the company applied a past and still attaches great importance to the quality of products, packaging aesthetics, timely delivery and reliability trade quickly adapting to the ever increasing market requirements.

We have warehouses halls with an area of more than 5 thousand m2